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Parker CTC

Parker CTC Distributor

Colorado, Utah, and Great Plains States

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Parker CTC Distributor - Colorado, Utah, and Great Plains States


When CTC opened its doors in 1980, factory floor automation was just starting an exciting revolution. CTC was a pioneer in that revolution, providing the industry with ground-breaking hardware and software products that helped take plant floor operations from simple/start buttons up to the sophisticated networked solutions found today. By providing the automation industry with these innovative human-to-machine (HMI) solutions for the plant floor, CTC certainly offered machine builders "The Shortest Distance Between Man and Machine".

In 1998, the company became a division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation. As part of the Parker team, CTC has the resources to make an even stronger commitment to meet emerging trends on the factory floor with product solutions.

The drive toward open solutions and PC-based machine control is fueling yet another revolution on the plant floor. And the CTC Division is again pioneering the way with its unique PC-based machine control solution. You can count on CTC to continue to deliver products like these that will make the distance between man and machine even shorter.

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