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CCS Distributor

Colorado, Utah, and Great Plains States

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CCS Distributor - Colorado, Utah, and Great Plains States


CCS was established in 1993, in the ancient city of Kyoto, the home to many growing global venture companies. Having launched itself as a developer of machine vision systems, a field in which I excelled, the company realized in the course of technological development that the key technology to machine vision lies in illumination for ensuring consistent imaging, that is, lighting technology. Our focus on the potential of LED lights and pursuit of lighting technologies have enabled us to take great strides, becoming the leading company in the industrial LED lights sector.

CCS offers lighting solutions, which are essentially proposals of optimal illuminators for objects for inspection ("works") in all shapes and colors, tailored to imaging purposes. Its advanced lighting technologies enable imaging optimization, and form the know-how exclusive to CCS, which cannot be reproduced by others even if they managed to make similar illuminators. That's why we are the leading company in the world. We intend to contribute to society broadly, by applying and developing this know-how to various production and quality control tasks.

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